Labelling & Ticketing

If you need to brand, identify, price, barcode, give instructions or beautify your product from a double divan or a cardigan to a pair of earrings or a machine we can produce that label item for you.

There is no if – we can supply!

Self Adhesive

From self adhesive blank labels, hanger labels, sale stickers, high quality gold foil blocked labels to photographic self adhesive labels, we have the label for you.

  • Need to withstand the weather or just sit prettily upon a store shelf?
  • Need to be tough and not be torn or need to be torn in half?
  • Need to be removable or stick like glue?
  • Sequentially numbered and with a special type of barcode?
  • On coils or on sheets, printed on paper or plastic material?

Fabric  labels 

Fabric  labels to enhance your garment with a logo, or making sure your duvet meets the legal requirements for material content and wash ability or if you produce bullet proof vests we have a fabric label for you.

  • A ribbon for a cake or a sash for a beauty queen?
  • Natural material like cotton or manmade like polyester?
  • Withstand a die process or absorb dye?
  • Continuous or cut into small lengths and printed on one or both sides?
  • Touches the skin and needs to be super soft?

Woven labels

Woven labels to enhance your products image and add that extra value, choose a high quality high definition label if the image needs to be crisp and clear, or a taffeta if a more natural label is needed.

  • Satin finish with smooth soft feel?
  • Continuous woven tape or a small size tab?

Swing tickets

Swing tickets or small packaging items printed onto board, with your brand and image from photographic to a one colour barcode we can supply.

  • Recycled board, virgin board or an FSC material?
  • Priced, barcoded or a Quick Response barcode?
  • Strung or eyeleted with an antique style rivet?
  • Card riders or display boards?